Why Appraise? Schedule your Discount by calling the Certified Appraiser listed Below!

Why Have Your Vehicle Appraised?

  • Insurance: Get “Agreed Value” Insurance. Protect your investment of Time and Money.
  • Pre-Purchase Appraisal:  Determine the accuracy of the vehicles presentation. This can assist establishing the fair price and loan value. 
  • Selling a Collector Vehicle: An appraisal can be a tremendous help when selling a collector vehicle. 
  • Claim Settlement: Georgia has a Diminished Value in the Marketplace statute. If you have had an accident, and had your vehicle repaired, you can request a “DV” settlement. If negotiations break down, either party can invoke “the appraisal clause”.  Our appraisals often mean more money in your pocket.
  • Estate: Our appraisal helps you properly document your vehicle assets
  • Divorce: Yes, the “D word”. Don’t ever let a court or some attorney determine what your vehicle is worth.
  • Bankruptcy: Get an objective opinion of the value of your collector vehicle(s).
  • Fraud: Our appraisal can help build your case.
  • Substandard restoration: Did you pay for a prize-winning restoration? Is the final version way short of expectations?
  • Buying a Collector Vehicle: A pre-purchase appraisal could protect you against overpaying for a vehicle

Schedule your Discount by calling the Certified Appraiser listed Below!

For Scheduling and more information call Mike Thies

International Vehicle Appraisers Network

Mike Thies, Certified Appraiser


1022 Bluebell Drive

Dacula, GA 30019

GA License UCAR045101

Cell 770-883-0160

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