3 Easy Tips To Get Your Car Ready For The Car Show

3 Easy Tips To Get Your Car Ready For The Car Show

For car fanatics, the summer months mean long cruises, countless hours in the garage, and frequent car shows. Whether you’re entering a car in the show or just checking out the local flavors, there’s a certain atmosphere at these events that unites people of all ages around these beautiful machines. You might find a hidden gem, like a 1963 Porsche 356b, or maybe an old favorite that your father used to drive. Whatever your reason for going is, chances are you like cars and the simple experience of sharing that passion with others is truly amazing. If you’re entering a car in the show, making sure it’s in pristine condition shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. A few hours detailing and you should be good to go, but there are 3 easy preparation tips that can help to brighten your finish, increase your shine, and impress the entire show.

Polish, Glaze, & Wax

The first thing you should do to get ready for the car show is a simple polishing procedure. Take a smoothing hand polish to the surface to remove any minor imperfections from the paint. Once the car has been polished, follow it up with a finishing glaze to enhance the clarity of the paintwork. Glazes are applied similarly to polishes and help to fill in minor surface scratches to make them less visible. Once this is done, follow with a high-shine carnauba wax to yield a brilliant shine – you can even do this twice for extra depth. With a clear finish and a deep shine, you’ll be sure to turn some heads no matter what you’re driving.


An often overlooked component of a great looking ride is conditioning. As a second tip, be sure to condition all interior and exterior surfaces before the show; tires, seats, dash, and trim. Conditioners replace vital nutrients to these surfaces and help them to look younger and fresh. The fact is, no one likes faded plastic and dull looking rubber, so a quick conditioning of these surfaces can brighten the look of your car and impress viewers more than you’d think.

Touch Up

Lastly, always have a quick detail touch up spray and a microfiber towel handy before and during the event. Whether you like it or not, the drive to the show almost always means dust and pollen will gather on your freshly waxed paint. These sprays clear this right up and also help with fingerprints and smudges that you may encounter during the show. Just in case your paint happens to have an ugly run-in with a bird, don’t worry… it will help you then, too.


Whether you drive a Ferrari or a Honda, showing off your passion doesn’t have to be impossible. These three quick tips will help your car stun the show and draw some additional attention that’s always welcome at car shows.

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