Am I still a "Car Guy" if I don't care about engines, horsepower, or transmissions?

I admit it it. I'm superficial.

I suppose as a custom, automotive photographer I deserve a pass. After all, I absolutely love cars (and motorcycles and even some trucks); but not because of how they handle, or how fast they can go zero-to-sixty, but because of how they look!

Why bother photographing something that is already beautiful?

This Bentley would doubtlessly look spectacular in a coal mine! I see it as my job to create an image that freezes the car's beauty beyond what the normal eye would see.

I want to emphasize the raw power of this machine by creating a dramatic (and somewhat surreal) backdrop,

I then saturated the blue paint to keep the focus on the car. Lastly the low angle gives this Bentley the feeling of a tiger ready to spring.

Can it go 150 miles per hour? Probably. Do I really care? Nope. I don't own it!

Does it look like something the owner would like to have hanging in their office or garage long after they have traded it in for the latest model? I hope so.

Am I any less of a "Car Guy" because I only look at design, style, color, light, and shadow? I think not. I trust that my work adds another dimension to Cruise-Ins and Car Shows; and allows car-lovers the opportunity to see their wheels in a new light.

Jeffrey Lorber (LORBERPHOTO)

To see more of my work, please visit

I live in Johns Creek, GA and when not at automotive events, I will photograph by appointment. Photo-shoots are always free. I only charge for prints.

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Comment by Chuck Aaron on December 31, 2018 at 3:46pm

All I can say about Jeff's artwork is WOW!  This is to truly just sit back and enjoy. To see the work he has submitted to, click here: Jeff Lorber Albums.  I am certainly lookinf forward to getting some done on my '87 Cabriolet!  M.

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