To start our tour Dan's Chevelle wouldn't start after lunch just 5 miles from joining the tour at the Chattanooga stop. I went to the site ahead to find help and found that they have medics to fix any problem within reason. The truck that follows the caravan seems like they have all you need to repair anything, including welders. Dan got the car started himself and then the medics worked on it for 30 minutes to find the junction box on the fire wall was never tightened. Free labor. They wouldn't take money for it. Anyway there were thousands of great cars at each stop. See my pictures. All kinds of cars new and old. There wer even 2 motorized caskets . I heard there were 4000 registered cars. I didn't see them all in my 3 days. I keep seeing new ones, but got to know a lot of them. Everyone seems to have a bond and looked out for each other. When someone pulled off the road the next ones would usually stop to offer help. You would know a car show was in town because at the Hampton that night in front of our room 4 were being washed and a 62 Galaxy was having the water pump changed. The oldtimmers had the tools to do light repairs in the trunk, including tire plugs and air pumps.
A lot of planing must go into the route because the secenery was really nice. Most notably was Chickomonga? Battle Field below Chattanooga. Must have been 10 miles long with dozens of large monuments.
Some small towns had welcome signs along the way and folks standing and sitting in groups of chairs set up to view us passing through for hours. Only one small town had their cops out with radar. Some of us and locals watched some spirited acelleration by some cars, away from a couple of 4 way stops. No racing but it reminded you of it especially when 2 boys spilled there water bottles at the burn out area.
Puling into downtown Mobile the whole downtown was closed and police were directing us to lots and street parking. Must have been more than a dozen blocks of street parking and a 150 car lot.
They filled the Battle ship in mobile with the long haulers, that started in Wisconsin, for pictures.
So lets all go next year. It should start in Mobile where it ended this year.

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Comment by jim (MOPAR JIM )nelson on December 7, 2010 at 6:19pm
You can register now and join up in any city.

2011 HOT ROD Power Tour Dates & Cities

Saturday June 4, Cocoa Beach, FL Port Canaveral

Sunday June 5, Valdosta, GA South Georgia Motorsports Park

Monday June 6, Montgomery, AL Montgomery Motorsports Park

Tuesday June 7, Nashville, TN LP Field

Wednesday June 8, Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Thursday June 9, Muskegon, MI Downtown Muskegon

Friday June 10, Detroit, MI Metro Beach Metropark

Saturday June 11, Detroit, MI Long Haulers Ceremony (Location TBD)
Comment by Michael Nasrallah on June 14, 2010 at 8:21am
Mike what were the dates of this tour? It sounds terrific would love to do it next time
Comment by Michael Thies on June 14, 2010 at 8:12am
I hear next year will start in Mobile. Do they set the route this far in advance? Where do we get more information, etc.? I wonder if we can get someone to post the details on the calendar. What a great tradition!
Comment by GaDoll on June 14, 2010 at 8:06am
I drove in the first Power Tour back in '95 with my '94 Corvette......from just across the river at St Louis to where they turned North and I turned South to Tennessee.......meeting them in Chattanooga this year was a BIG thrill for me! My buddy, Larry Banks, is a Long Hauler this time! Go Larry!!!
Comment by Michael Thies on June 14, 2010 at 12:19am
Thank you so much for the update! I really want to be a part of it next year and with some more promotion and better information, earlier, I think we can significantly grow this event beyond what it is already! it loved the photos and look forward to more. Thank you again!


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