This Twin Buick was built in Kent Fuller's Shop in 1959 in Sherman Oaks, CA -Courtesy of Standard 1320 Drag Racing

The Twin Buick was built in Kent Fuller's Shop in 1959
on Woodman Avenue in Sherman Oaks, CA

Construction begins in the Summer of 1959 in Kent Fuller's Chassis Shop
in Sherman Oaks CA.

Both engines will face forward, with the right engine running backwards.

The Double Ring Flywheels meshed inside a custom
housing fabricated by Fuller. The clutch will run off the
Left Engine

Here's a good pcx of the rear engine plate and the clutch housing.

This pcx gives you a good view of the angle that the engines
sat in relation to each other. Check out the enlarged polished exhaust ports

Here's Tom's good friend & tire wiper, Don Prudhomme
bolting on the front timing cover.

A good pcx of the uneven length of the axles.
The Push Bar Key is from Tom's Single Buick Dragster.

Tom watches Fuller bolting the top rail to the back of the engine plate.
Note the missing top rail spacers that will be bolted in later
to the front engine plate. Makes for easy engine removal when the
Nailheads need service.

One of the Twin's first trip down the 1320 taken in early December 1959
@ San Fernando Raceway with its Early Tin & 92" Wheelbase
Pcx Credit Walt Stevens
Second Outing @ Riverside Raceway, December 20th 1959
Pictured Left to Right
Tom McCourry, Bob Muravez, Skip Torgesen,
Kent Fuller, Rod Pepmuller, Tom Ivo talking to Two Fans.
Pepmuller whispers in Fuller's ear, "The car's really short Fuller"
The Twin still carries the early tin and you can see the rear wheels are set way back.
Notice in later pcxs that Fuller moved the rear wheels forward at least 6"
The Pcx below should give you good comparison, it also has the new body.
This Pcx Appeared in the May Issue of Car Craft Magazine
Another Pcx taken in the Staging Lanes @ Riverside Raceway on December 20th 1959
Tom looks a little bored...
Pcx Courtesy of Steve Gibbs
Riverside Raceway - December 20th 1959
Second Outing for the Twin Buick ties the 9.02 et Drag News Standard 1320 Record
held by Jack Chrisman's Sidewinder.
Riverside Raceway - Second Outing
The Twin turns 162 mph
"Listen to the Actual Run"
On January 3rd 1960 @ Lions Drag Strip in
Long Beach, CA the Twin Buick
lowers the ET Record to 9 Seconds Flat

On February 7th 1960 @ Pomona - 8.95 ET
The first Gas Powered Car to break into the 8's
That's Fuller rolling up the chute...and Tom's thinking "What'a Car!!!
- Always an Isky Cam User -
Tom Gave Isky something to Crow About
Tom's Twin Buick against Tom McEwen in the Albertson Blown Olds
@ Fontana - Tom lost this race but beat
the McEwen/Adams Olds three straight at Lions in Long Beach
Final Round - 1960 Smoker's Fuel & Gas Championships.
The Odd Couple Chrysler-Olds against
The Twin Buick ...oh..oh... a wheelstand starting???
Guess Pepmuller was right, "Car's too short"
Tom had this race in the bag, he had been running great all day... He was VERY disappointed
SPRING TIME - 1960....Time to Go on Tour
First Stop....Denver Colorado
Waiting in the Staging Lines
Don Prudhomme strapping Tom in tight...we don't want him to fall out
Hi Ho Silver!!!!
Blowin' away the local competition...I don't think they had a chance against
the mighty fire breathin' Buicks
Tom, Don Prudhomme & Chuck Land saying
"Man, these puppies really haul, we just set a new Track Record."
Colorado Pcxs Courtesy of Pete Garamonne
Next Stop...Minnesota
That's the Track Owner in the seat...Tom's providing a driving lesson
"Now if you press on the left pedal..." Tom knew how to get invited back
Minnesota Pcxs Courtesy Ron "Big Yohns" Johnson
Tom said they made over 10 runs that fine Minnesota Day.
All the Swedes Loved it...
Minnesota - On the return road with Don Prudhomme
Pcx courtesy PitCrewPete Starrette
In the Staging Lines Ready for the Push Start from Prudhomme
Nest Stop...Detroit Michigan
More Track Records...More wins
Why is Tom Smiling? Cause he just put away the local Top Fuel Dragster
and won Top Eliminator. I'd be a happy camper too, wouldn't you?
Oh...Oh... Seems the Track Owner told Tom That the Howard
Twin Bear ran here last week and turned 190mph and stopped
without a chute....Yeah Right!
Tom nor the Twin Buick were hurt in the mishap.
Top Eliminator @ the First NASCAR Nationals in 1960
While on Tour, Tom sold the Twin Buick to Speed Craft
Speedshop of Maywood IL. Ron Pellegrini eventually
bought out the other partners in the car.
Ron set a new Standard 1320 Record of 8.23et @ 193.87 mph in 1962
That's Ron Pellegrini on the right, Ivo facing us and Pete Gizzo
in the white pants having a huddle before the race with the
Big Wheel out of Minneapolis for the Drag News #2 Spot
@ Cordova Dragway
Nice Pcx of the Twin Nailheads
A Pcx that Ron had taken by a professional
Photographer to be used as hand-outs @ the Races
This pcx graces the Home page of the 1320 website.
Ron shipped the Twin Buick back to California for the Winter of 1960/61
Tom installed Tony Nancy's Blown Buick on the left side
and proceeded be the 1st Gas Dragster to break 180mph @ San Fernando
and setting a new Standard 1320 mph Record.
Exhaust in the Face Isn't a Problem Claims Ivo
OKay Tom, we believe you. What's the Mask For?
Screen Test for the Lone Ranger?
Here's a series of Pcxs taken when Tom had
Tony Nancy's Blown Buick Engine Installed
on the Left Side.
L-R ~ Bob Muravez - Tony Nancy - Skip Torgesen - Tom in the seat
San Fernando Return Road - Winter 1960
In 1963 Ron sold the Twin Buick to Billy Herndon of Tampa Florida
Billy had the chassis lengthen out to a whooping 122"
Looks Great to Me!!!!
Another pcx of the Long Car...Herndon in the Seat
The Twin Buick now rests in Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum
in Ocala, Florida. I took the last two Pcxs on a trip to Florida in 1999.
While waiting for Fuller to complete the 4 Motor Showboat
Tom had a Twin In-Line Buick built and ran it a few times
on the West Coast before shipping it to Ron Pellegrini
to campaign in the Midwest.

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