A Name You'll Never Forget - Most Powerful Brass Era Car, pre-1916 by Rusty O.

Never mind your Trans Ams, your Boss Mustangs, even your Hemi Charger Daytonas.

For the most awesomely named performance car, I give you the Apperson "Big Dick" -

1907-1908 Apperson Big Dick, 96hp For those with $15,000 to spend, Apperson would put their race engine in a 50hp Jackrabbit runabout to create the Big Dick. A 96hp racing runabout, the Big Dick actually had the highest advertised horsepower in an American automobile through 1914. It had open exhaust and a 6 1/4-inch bore and 5 1/2-inch stroke, for 675-cu.in. Amazingly, the company sold 15 of them, and that in the face of competition from Locomobile's own $15,000 short stroke 990.1-cu.in., 90hp Cup Racer (the factory claimed 120hp for the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup car upon which it was based).

Thank you to Rusty O'Toole

Click Here For More About The Breakthough Haynes-Apperson Automobil...

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Comment by Cadillac Bill on February 25, 2019 at 8:40am


Our 1903 Columbus Electric folding top runabout - once owned by Zasu Pitts (film star) acquired from Harold Coker that he gave to his wife Lil in 2009 as a Christmas present. "Vehicle of Distinction" at Atlanta Concourse, Sept 30, 2018 

Our 1908 Thomas Flyer. 4/60 four cylinder, 60 Hp. ex Wolfgang Gawor Collection (Full concourse restoration). Atlanta Concourse - "Vehicle of Distinction". We live in Stone Mountain Georgia, near Atlanta.


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