Another One I Wish I Could Have Kept! The Ones That Got Away!

I found this picture in (a great website for "car guys") and it just might be my car I drove in 1966! It was the end of my Freshman year in college and my brother-in law was selling it and sold it to me for $100. I went down to Sears and bought four new white walls, just like in the picture.

It had a red and white interior and could easily fit in six cheerleaders (which it did on several occasions). It was used by my fraternity as a float in the Spring Weekend Parade (it overheated because we blocked too much of the radiator with paper flowers) and took first place!

I don't remember how many miles I had on it, but is got pretty good gas mileage, though gas was much less than $.50 a gallon. It had a great heater, but no AC (hardly no one had AC in the Northeast in those days), no power steering and no power brakes. It was for sure the widest Ford ever made and I bet it was probably the widest passenger car ever made in the US. It was a half-inch wider than a '59 Cadillac! I remember great road trips full of friends and cruising real nice. It was very areodynamic. I didn't have time or money to rod it up or anything, but it got off the lights real well with its 352 ci engine and four barrell carb, so it really didn't need much.

My college was in Buffalo and in those days rust was the enemy of all cars. I ended up trading it in when the holes in the fenders started leaks in the trunk, though the whole fraternity mourned it. It was a great car for a college kid, and I wish I had a way of keeping it. That was the summer of 1966 and the Lovin' Spoonful sang "Summer In the City". My girlfriend was Mary Anne (she was a knock out!) and she would sit right next to me on the bench seat with the top down driving to Sherkston Beach.

Jay bought his from a 80 year old and it had only 71,000 miles. He says he put on a new top and a paint job and everything else is original. That proves to me it is not my old Ford, as that needed a lot of body work :-)

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Comment by Michael Thies on March 22, 2010 at 8:42am
It had a great V8 and gas was only about 30 cents a gallon! I drove much too fast as a rule. There were no seat belts and my girl friend sat so close that there was easily room for two more in the front bench seat :-)
Comment by javier alejandro zuluaga on March 19, 2010 at 5:12pm
yes it is very pretty
Comment by Ray-Mitchell Bhawani on March 19, 2010 at 12:34am
Wow that is a pretty car, just as you described it.


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