Another One I Wish I Had Kept! The Ones That Got Away!

I’ll start with the worst trade I ever made involving a car. I guess you had to be there because it seemed to make sense at the time. I had a car that wouldn’t sell and I needed an expensive computer for my job. I found a fellow that would trade and he was all too willing. The computer is long gone and the car is in a collector’s garage [not mine ;-( ]

It was a British Racing Green 1967 MGB GT Special. For a few years there in the early 1980s it was my daily driver and contrary to many others’ experiences, it was a very reliable car. I am not a great mechanic but I did most of the work on it and the tune ups myself. I drove it all over the north east US with two daughters and it never broke down. I am a big man and it had great leg room, though getting in and out was more like putting on an overcoat.

I had previously owned several beat up MGB roadsters when I was just out of college and fell in love with the GT early on. The fixed-roof MGB GT was introduced in October 1965 and export to the US ceased in 1974. The MGB GT was a Pininfarina designed hatchback body. The Special was a promotional version importing only 1000 to the US with a special plaque and mine had air conditioning which I never used. The rear bench seat was very small and of limited use for adults or older children; however, I rigged up a very suitable child safety seat for my youngest daughter.


There was more luggage space than in the roadsters. The third door lifted high and getting stuff in was real easy. The engine and gearbox were the same as those in the roadster. In fact it was the same car mostly, although the MGB GT did have different suspension springs and anti-roll bars.

Acceleration of the GT was slightly slower than that of the roadster as it weighted a bit more, but handling improved due to better weight distribution. It cruised comforatbly at 85 and would go easily over 100. :-) Rust was its enemy. I had to put a certain amount of bondo in mine but kept up a good appearance with new paint jobs every two years. It was not a Concours car but it looked real nice. The interior was all leather and the chrome wire wheel were authentic knock off hubs. It would be a great local show car and fun for rallies…if I only hadn’t traded it.

Tell us about the one that got away. What car did you wish you had kept?

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