It is one of the real strengths of an American Wheels Website Calendar that anyone can post an event, meeting or activity at anytime. The submission process is so straight forward that anyone can do it as long as they have the basic information people will need to
consider attending.

In addition to general members, we have moderators whose efforts are to scour regional publications and clubs news to make sure that every event possible is posted. It is for both
groups that some simple policies are proposed in order to maintain the highest
standards possible.

  1. While it is good to get as much detail as possible, it is not necessary to have all the information in order to post the event, meeting or activity. There must be certain spaces filled in
    order for the computer to accept it, however, it is very easy for the
    person posting the event to come back an fill in missing information at a
    later date. It is better to have something
    so that watchers can see the date being posted in order to consider
    attending. More information can be
    posted later.
  2. It is good to have contact information, names, telephone numbers, emails and/or websites. If the interest is strong
    enough, watchers will make contact to confirm the activity.
  3. Some photo representing the activity should be posted. Logos can be downloaded from the Internet, although if they are not available, a picture of car
    for a car show, a truck for a truck show, a bike for a cyclist meeting,
    etc. Our moderators are encouraged
    to develop a file for this purpose.
    Some organizations will print the webpage, photocopy, it and use it
    as the flier to promote their event.
  4. It is suggested when possible to attach a relevant flier, pdf file or poster that may have been developed for the activity. Watchers often print this information to
    assist in their decisions to attend.
    If it cannot be found on the Internet, it is an easy process
    anymore to scan it into a pdf file.
  5. For recurring events, it is easy to go back to a previous date that have passed and change it to be relevant to the future activity.
  6. It is critically important to add the city and state (2 letter abbreviation) in the Title of the event. This is so the watcher can readily eliminate those
    activities that are out of his or her range of choice. Some people are willing
    to travel further than others for their interests.

In summary, something is usually better than nothing and it is generally an easy, though, important task to get this information collected in one place. We thank everyone for their efforts
and if anyone has any questions please fell free to contact me at or call me at 770-883-0160.

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