Kids Kids Kids. wait, kids are young people but all young people are not kids. How about this "For the students, By the students." That was the motto of the Gwinnett Tech 3rd Annual Gearheadz Car Show, Johnny and Andy good show that had a good mix and some great owner made custom rides., burgers, DJ and here's one the students were judges. Now these students are not your average bookworm, these students are knuckle busting Gearheadz, that's right students who are going to college to learn to be a better mechanic and in today's world when the word computer is used in the same sentence as automobile. I'm glad someone will be around to fix my wife's car. Where does this wire go? Check out the picture of the Gearheadz Car Show at Gwinnett Tech on our website, under albums, just click on the Gwinnett Tech logo.

  Speaking of students, last week I the pleasure of visiting the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow chapter of the Motor Masters and they put on quite a show for me, 4 students, by hand, broke down and rebuilt a old beat up 350 engine in 32 minutes. What is equally impressive is in this completion you can only use certain tools, so some of the tools like the tool rack and the pan that hold they tools the use, they built. You got to give the teacher Michelle beck some real credit, these kids got heart and are good at what they do. Not only does Ms. Beck build teamwork, but integrity of other characteristics that are valuable in today's society. If anyone has a 350 roller engine they can donate to the school, or they may be interested in sponsoring these young folk, let me know. The Motor Masters will be putting on a show of the skills at the Summit Racing MotoRama, Saturday at 12:00 and 3:00 pm. Check out their photo's under the Motor Masters Logos I was impressed Speaking of the MotoRama, are you one of those guys who have 5 cars in the garage, 2 project cars and the wife yelling she can't find a place to park? OR you got that car fixed, but your bored and are looking for another, but you need to find a loving home for the one you got? Have you been trying to sell your custom ride on Craigslist, only to find there are crazy people out there? YOU need to come to the MotoRama and talk to my buddy Richard Stafford from BidderOne, they will be holding a auction at the MotoRama, Saturday the 22nd at 10;30 am. Lt me tell you something about Bo Benton, he calls a great auction and doesn't leave any money on the table, so if your selling, if your buying or if you just want to check what is on the block and maybe...I invite you come to the BidderOne Auction sat April 22 at 10:30 am Anytime I see young people in the automotive working on becoming a mechanic, engineer or any other got grease under my reminds me of the days gone by working with my dad, late at night in the shop. Today, it doesn't take 30 years to be come "qualified" thankfully because the cars have changed. If you see a young person, busting their chops, trying to go somewhere and be somebody, give them a hand up, help them out or even encourage them, tell them that story when you....maybe one day that will be the young person under your wife's cars. I'll see you at the MotoRama folks, I'm the guy with the camera, until then may the sun shine and the trophies be many-lee

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