My pick of the week from Ebay If i hit the lotery this car would be in my garage.

1956 Austin Healey

1956 Austin Healey M blown Gurney Weslake GT40 Racer

Austin Healey

The best Healeys produced were the 1953-56 BN2's. They were the true racing body with the way cool windshield that folds down into racing position. The lines of the car
are unsurpassed for beauty. Its going 140 mph standing still! (Those
aluminum windshield stanchions and pieces were all hand fitted at the
factory to each individual car and numbered).
They are the most collectable of all the Healeys. The front and rear surrounds are aluminum. True roadster bodies with no windows, just curtains.
This is one interesting investment.

In 1966/67 Dan Gurney joint ventured with the famous Weslake engineering company in England to design the ultimate flowing performance cylinder heads for a small block 302 Ford.
An interesting side note is the production run of the 50 factory 100 S
all aluminum Healey racers had a racing Weslake head on the original
Austin 4 cylinder engine in 1956! The ten 100 S's that have survived are
in the $250K range for value.
The Gurney Weslake heads are featured on the front cover of Feb.1966 issue Hot Rod magazine with a great article. An engine with the heads with Webers are shown on the front
page with the text "520 hp from a 305 Ford on gas with bolt on Gurney
Weslake Heads".

There were approx. 200 sets of heads produced. Very few have survived. They are not only beautiful but unreal performance from the flow lines, big valves
and design. They made intake manifolds for Weber carbs and a tamer
version with a 4 Barrel intake. Mine has the 4 barrel intake.

No expenense was spared. There are over 2,000 manhours in this professional build. The engine was proffesionaly gone through and the Paxton
supercharger was bought new in 1995 to replace the original missing
Paxton when I found the car.
I also found a new old stock Smiths 100 '"S" 140 MPH speedometer for it. Very, Very rare.
The Healey has an interesting past. In 1967 Ford was experimenting with the possibilty manufacturing a limited production run of a muscle car. They installed Gurney Weslake
heads on a Couger for testing. They never followed through with the
production to the public.
In 1967 a Ford engineer at the Ford plant owned this Healey. He wanted to build the ulitmate sports car. He took a new 302 Ford block off the assembly line along with a set of
the new Gurnery Weslake heads with the 4 barrel intake, C-4 Ford
automatic transmission, 8" Ford positraction rear end, and built the
car. The car owned the streets of Detroit until it was stored in 1972.
In 1992, I unearthed the Healey. It needed total restoration including
updated engineering. The original Paxton supercharger had been sold so I
purchased a new one from Paxton when they were still in business. The
engine is built right by pros. We updated the transmission to a Ford AOD
for that big 4th gear overdrive but with great deep gears, first
through third.The Healey is very streetable and if you want to put your
foot in her, hang on!

Many hours of planning to get the right size wheels for the right look and with some meat for traction. We had to tub the rear body fender well area 2" to accommodate the meaty rear
Goodyear Eagle GT-4 P215 65R15 tires on new special ordered heavy
spoke wire rims. Not an easy task but the results are perfect! The
fronts are P195/7 R15's. ALL suspension front an rear is done right.
Either new or rebuilt pieces. Just the right look and handles O so well!

The hand built exhaust headers and performance mufflers with dual side exits are a work of art. All high temperature coated. VERY throaty sounding! When you fire it up, all
eyes are on the car. Healeys have bumper guards and I love a smooth look
so we eliminated the bumper guards and filled in the bumper guard
holes before show rechroming. Much nicer lines now. I also "decked" the
rear trunk. It looks so much better without the trunk handle. The grill
was restored to concours including having the grill teeth a satin
finish just as the original was. The hood was louvered per 100 S specs
so she look oh so mean. There are two 6" fresh air vent tubes that go
to the front grill on Healeys. These help cold air to the cockpit. I
intalled two Marine air fans in line for plenty of fresh air to your
feet area.
The steering wheel is restored to concours and is a work of art by itself as are all the guages. So British and so beautiful. I located a new old stock Smiths 140 MPH
speedometer that was made for the factory racing 100 S Healeys. Oh so

Also have a Paxton supercharger boost guage in the dash. The leather seats and side panels are stichted tight and perfect. The original side curtains are restored to councours. The
black top is fitted by a pro, nice and tight! There is a slick
transmission cooler installed just under the front end grill area.
Custom made Griffin aluminum radiator.
All my builds are painted Black. This will show off how perfect the body work is just as the door borders must be perfect. The Healey speaks for it self.
I feel the Healey 100's are have the most beautuful lines ever, a timeless classic that will never depreciate in value.

If you want to bid on this incredible car here is the Link

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