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First, I wish to thank all the wonderful folks who have helped and contributed their time and efforts to our Events Calendar!


The concept of “Wheels Events” was chosen because it covers all the hobby and industry from Car Shows, Motorcycle Cruises, Races, Club Meetings, Tractor Pulls, Festivals, Charities, Swap Meets, Conventions, to everything we all love about it all.  Our growth and successes come as a community, a network of likeminded folks, pulling together to get useful ideas into a real place. With all the fun we have with blogs, photos and videos, our main focus is to have a useful, complete picture of all types of events available to us all, each week of the year!

You must know that one of the main strengths of is that it is a part of a global concept that pulls the hobby together, worldwide. As we grow, we are looking at improving our service and pulling it together, and we are leaning more and more on the global vision. We are planning an upgrade to our software, as after five years, our site has started to show its age. We apologize for the loading errors some of our members have experienced. As part of our upgrade process, we are changing our Content Service Provider to a much more reliable service.  As we pull this together, I am asking all our members to let us know what features and improvements they would suggest for the new site. Please send any suggestions to and they will be incorporated as we build it new.

Also, help us by join in the building of our new Wheelz Eventz Facebook site as a place for input, ideas and suggestions for the new software for, to improve on our service and our ability to accomplish our dream.

 Just go to and “Like” and post all your ideas, events, photos and videos there. My personal page has hit its limits for “Friends” and this way we will be able to grow our community without technical limits. I will keep you posted on our progress and thank you all again for your part in our rapid growth. Have a safe and wonderful weekend coming and get to as many shows and events as possible!

Mike Thies – 770-883-0160



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Comment by Jeffrey Rutherford on September 29, 2016 at 2:34am

Keep at it, MIKE. You guys do a GREAT job!!


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