How Not To Be A Jerk: The 10 Commandments of Car Show Etiquette

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You know what’s fun? Pointing out the flaws in other people. Sure, we aren’t “supposed” to do it, but we all do. Just take a look at how popular our 5 (Un)written Rules For Car Show Attendees post was!

Know what isn’t as fun, though? Looking in the mirror and pointing out our own flaws. Many of us have been in or around the car show scene for a long time now, and we believe we know how to act. However, just this past weekend Alex and I bore witness to just what can happen when things get out of hand.

Guys, it’s time for a dose of our own medicine; Following these rules at the next local get-together will help make the event more enjoyable for everyone:

1. Thou Shalt Not Burn Out Before Leaving

dont do burnouts at car shows

Look, everyone loves a good burn out – especially us! It delights every sense; the sound of a roaring engine, the acrid smell of rubber, the exciting sight of a barely-restrained 2-ton missile…and therein lies the problem. The only thing keeping your car from rocketing into a classic Bel-Air – or worse, a spectator – are your front brakes.

Please keep the showing-off contained in a controlled environment, with nothing but open space in front of you. Those 20 seconds of attention aren’t worth the lifetime label of “Certified Jackass” should something go wrong.

2. Thou Shalt Arrive On Time

dont show up late to a car show

So you ran a little late while polishing your wheels. Maybe your wife couldn’t find the perfect shoes to match her outfit, or you got stuck behind a parade of semis on the highway. Things happen that can throw you off schedule – but there’s a simple fix: Wake up and get going earlier. Plan for it.

Arriving 30 minutes after the gates have opened to the public and expecting a premier spot for your car will only entitle you to one thing; being “That Guy.” If the lot is already filled by those polite enough to arrive on time, save your temper tantrum. Be grateful for any spot you’re given, and direct that anger to the person that really deserves it – the one behind the wheel.

3. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Parking Spot

dont be jealous of your neighbor's parking spot

We know that your car is a special little snowflake. You’ve dumped endless amounts of money into it, wasted many a night lying awake thinking up next steps, and scoured junkyards and swap meets from around the country looking for a pre-production ashtray.

…Just like everyone else. At every show you’ll see some cars being featured – sometimes taking up more than one parking spot. You may think your ride is better than those; but that doesn’t mean you deserve extra room as well! The guy up front parked diagonally across 2 or 3 spaces might be a sponsor who paid big-bucks for the privilege. So unless you’re willing to pony up some cash, park your snowflake straight like the rest of us.

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