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Caffeine and Octane is back from the COVID-19 Shutdown!


We are excited to announce with the new guidelines announced last week, we should be able to hold both Caffeine and Octane on July 5th at Perimeter Mall, as well as, Caffeine and Exotics on July 19th at City…


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“Meet the Clock” – A Unique Road Rally to the North Georgia Seafood Festival - Instructions

“Meet the Clock” – A Unique Road Rally to the North Georgia Seafood…


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Thoughts on "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig

I have read this book several times and whenever I am a bit lost on what is important, it is one of the places where I find direction. The novel, published in 1974, uses a long motorcycle trip to frame a prolonged exploration of the world of ideas about life and how best to live it.

It references perspectives from Western and Eastern Civilizations as it explores the central question of the how to pursue technology so that human life is…


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This is a revealing story about the Ford GT it seems they are being allowed to compete in IMSA while disregarding the rules. To be brief the cars competing in IMSA and other racing series is supposed to be factory produced cars that you and I can buy. in racing vernacular that means the car is homologated. But it seems that is not really the case with the latest Ford GT. While on paper and a review of the specifications of the car make appear a formidable sports car. Presently it has…


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New Gateway to Amazing Collector Cars by Marilyn Pearlman

New Gateway Showroom Opening In Georgia

With millions of people in metro Atlanta and its many exotic and classic car collectors, the city is a perfect place for the 13th Gateway Classic Cars showroom to open. In early November, Sal Akbani, CEO/President of the company, led a team from his corporate office to cut the ribbon for the 65,000 square foot space in Alpharetta, GA - 30 miles from downtown Atlanta. Other…


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C&O Invitational Show Vehicle Display Application


Sandy Springs GA Festival & Caffeine & Octane

Sponsored by www.SouthEastWheelsEvents.com

Spetember 17 & 18, 2016

C&O Invitational Show Vehicle Display…


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What is Crowd Funding and What is Kickstarter and What is AVEO

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, today often performed via internet-mediated registries, but the concept can also be executed through mail-order subscriptions, benefit events, and other methods.…


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"The Battery Man"

Blog on “The Battery Man”  by Marilyn Pearlman

Steve Ashby, founder and co-owner of The Battery Man, loves to go to car shows, including a recent one in Biloxi, Mississippi. Twenty-five years ago, he and his partner, wife Brenda, bought the company when it was still called Jiffy Jump Atlanta and moved it from Lilburn to Marietta, Georgia. Steve and his family—including manager Steve Jr. --especially like serving the hot rod…


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Cross Country in "The Green Hornét"

Cross Country in “The Green Hornét”

By Jacob Davis


      It all started when I found out that I’d been selected as a winner of the Roadkill

Nation Challenge and would be heading out to…


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Babe Restored

Babe Restored

By Mike Thies

While I have always celebrated cars and motorcycles of all kinds, it is natural to have favorites.  I fell in love with Porsches on the Interstate years ago when I was passed by a 356 Speedster! This was a number of years before the tragic accident that took James Dean’s life in a…


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Theboatcar.com on Barcroft TV productions.

Making Waves: The Ultimate Road Legal Boat Car

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How Not To Be A Jerk: The 10 Commandments of Car Show Etiquette

March 3, 2015 by  

You know what’s fun? Pointing out the flaws in other people. Sure, we aren’t “supposed” to do it, but we all do. Just take a look at how popular our …


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Story of a 1952 Hudson owner written by Antique Automobile Club of America Member Martin Yespy

Survived by a 1952 Hudson Hornet Convertible

By AACA Member Martin Yespy

Our cousin, Eugene Smith, a member of AACA for decades, died recently after being disabled by a stroke 11 years ago. Gene, who had an encyclopedic knowledge of all cars from the 40s and 50s, was also an avid supporter of the museum and had planned to become a volunteer after his retirement.



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Drift Racing Is More Than Just The Finish Line

     Road Atlanta has hosted drift racing events for several years. While Drift Racing has grown in popularity in the last decade or more, drifting is really nothing new. If your car's rear end has ever swung around on a wet road, and you've struggled for 50 feet to get control, you've drifted. Even in car racing drifting is pretty much old school.…


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Great Support for Hot Rodders


I recently bought a cherry '93 Ruby Corvette (the 40th Anniversary model) which had been stored all its life.  In recent years it was garaged, and driven very little.  Even though it has fairly new good quality Nito tires, I noticed a very serious shimmy in the balance at about 60 to 70 mph on the Interstate highways.  I took it over to Butler Tire in…


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Ford’s Power of Choice Tour at Atlantic Station

Ford Motors came to Atlanta in partnership with the City of Atlanta to present the Ford’s Power of Choice Tour.  We met in Atlanta, GA, on a cool Thursday morning, November 10, 2011 at The Charging Spot in Atlantic Station to hear highlights of Ford’s fuel efficient lineup and the new electrified vehicles that will be available in…


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A 1951 Ford, Racing Maserati, Oldsmobile Ralley, The Busiest Time For Car Shows

By Miguel Caparros. 1951 Ford Convertible                     Click For Video Here

In early in 1951 my father bought a 51 Ford Convertible. His plan was to exploit a hole in the Over The…


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The End Of An Era @ The Varsity, 1965 Mustang GT, Datsun SPL 311

Stories, videos and photos by Miguel Caparros.

An Automotive tradition in Atlanta has been a victim of its own success. The Varsity down town has removed its support of the 1st Thursday of every month cruise in that has been going on since the 70's.…


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A Mopar Addiction Story 1947 Chevy Video On Star For Your Rod

Editorial By Miguel Caparros.

By now some of you may have noticed I took a week off. More out of necessity than a vacation. I actually ran out of running vehicles! But that is a story for another time. You have to be a very serious enthusiast when people only know you as John Cuda. I am featuring his story as to the incident that led to his addiction. Next week I may have a scalding story about what happens when you take your car to a dealer for service. Stay…


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How I fell in love with Mopars.

One sweltering hot summer night when I was 9 years old I was playing on the living room floor with my hotwheels cars.

I had a large wall built with a stack of cars and I was ramming my favorite black chevy van with flames painted on the side into the wall of cars to see how many I could knock over each time.

After about the 90th pass through the stack of cars I heard a loud pop outside that sounded like a firecracker.


I immediately jumped up and ran out the door…


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