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To start our tour Dan's Chevelle wouldn't start after lunch just 5 miles from joining the tour at the Chattanooga stop. I went to the site ahead to find help and found that they have medics to fix any problem within reason. The truck that follows the caravan seems like they have all you need to repair anything, including welders. Dan got the car started himself and then the medics worked on it for 30 minutes to find the junction box on the fire wall was never tightened. Free labor. They… Continue

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Upgrading a Car in the Need for Speed (NFS)

You know that there are many computer video games; some of them are aimed at making a good shooter of you, whereas others require being focused and adequately react to the changes in the landscape of the road while driving the fastest car you have ever seen. The cars existing in the video games are taken from the real life with some modifications. The Need for Speed (NFS) suggests a great number of cars that can be upgraded and improved… Continue

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Street Racing in New York City

I was discussing this with some of you guys and girls out there. I was a spectator in the early 60's and then a competitor in the late 60's early 70's. I actually raced my 55 Chevy 210 for pinks at the connecting.

Joe Oldham published this in 2007 get his book if you like stories like this. Between Google Earth and Google sreet level you can really get a street level view of stories.

Plug this coordinates to Google earth or Maps and it will take you to the spot.… Continue

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Confessions of a Motor Head. Racing on the streets of Boston.

by Miguel Caparros

1969 was the beginning of my senior year of high school in Plymouth New Hampshire. By November it seemed it would be the mildest and least snowfall in a long time. I knew this…


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Great Website: Cars in Barns

I found this great site loaded with awesome pictures and stories of barn finds, enjoy!

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Great Story & her car that she has owned for 45 Years

Ford motor company could get some real "mileage" in advertising from this gal.

89 year old woman drives her 45 yr old Comet car 540,000 miles with same…


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the begining

well i bought my truck bone stock an it has been a work in progress ever since.. i will be posting pics from when i got it to what it looks like now! i started off slow with just little things like air freshners an then jumped right into the big stuff, 12 inch lift kit, 46 inch tires, all acceories, an the HUGE car audio sound system, the truck is no where near perfect or finished (what show car or truck is ever finished?) the journey has just begun an i have plenty of car shows to attend.… Continue

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Another One I Wish I Could Have Kept! The Ones That Got Away!

I found this picture in (a great website for "car guys") and it just might be my car I drove in 1966! It was the end of my Freshman year in college and my brother-in law was selling it and sold it to me for $100. I went down to Sears and bought four new white walls, just like in the picture.

It had a red and white interior and could easily fit in six…


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Grandchild # 6

My daughter is on her way to the hospital to have her 3rd baby and my 6th grandchild. She is making me feel old

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The story of the Lady

Terri Waddell attended South Cobb High School, class of 1985. After purchasing a 1969 Camaro, she painted it pink to match a feather she had. So thus, the Pink Lady was born. Back then, more people knew Terri as ‘Pinky’ and the car as ‘Spoiled Brat’. Terri had a lot of issues with the car, as you would expect. In 1987, I was born, and my mother, Terri, no longer had time to deal with a car she…


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The Survivor The story of Rick Muphry's 1956 Thunderbird chapter1

There is a folder in my photos labeled 56 Tbird that goes with this story this is but the first Chapter

William (Rick) Murphey has known this car since he was 10 years old. The car belonged to a neighbor of his grandfather in Atlanta. He always admired the presence of this cars color combination. As he grew up he saw less of the car and it drifted somewhat out of his mind. Then in the 1980's the Atlanta airport purchased the College Park neighborhood where his grandfather lived. In… Continue

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Confessions of a Motor Head. How fast will she go?

by Miguel Caparros

Living in New Hampshire through my formative years was a teenage motor heads dream, driving at 14 with a parent, full license at 16. I took my drivers test in Mom's new 66 VW, like everything else that comes near me, I was already modifying it before the ink had dried on the title. Dad had agreed to pay for the rear camber compensator, front sway…


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Confessions of a Motor Head, To Dartmouth in a Mini

by Miguel Caparros

My friend Leslie, Who I lost touch with for…


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Cofessions of a Motor Head. An angel watching over me.

Mine was an unusual puberty. Beginning at 14, I spent my summers serving my automotive apprenticeship in…

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Confessions of a Motor Head, The Incredible Chase

Authors note. I wrote this story back in the late 80's Interestingly enough You can Actually Follow this whole route Via Google maps ground view.

Over looking the San Francisco Bay right above Berkeley California runs Grizzly Peak Boulevard. At the top of the twisty road is a walled overlook just below the peak. The view from there is inspiring to say the least, facing west, directly ahead is the Golden Gate. Vistas unfold before you to all corners of the bay.

The place…


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Confesions of a Motor Head. The Cop and the Brownies


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Take a Kid to a Car Show

This was started several years ago, but I have not ever seen a show dedicated to this. I believe we need to exposed children to our "Sport" and especially those that may never have had the opportunity. I would like to hear your thoughts on this and maybe we can plan a show built around it.....thoughts????

Added by Dan Black on February 17, 2010 at 10:19am — 8 Comments

Entering Events In Wheels Events Sites

It is one of the real strengths of an American Wheels Website Calendar that anyone can post an event, meeting or activity at anytime. The submission process is so straight forward that anyone can do it as long as they have the basic information people will need to

consider attending.

In addition to general members, we have moderators whose efforts are to scour regional publications and clubs news to make…


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Retromobile 2010 -Paris, France

Retromobile is one of Europe's most prestigious classic car show and attracts over 120,000 visitors from around the World every year. It provides a magnificent back drop for one of Bonham's favorite classic car auction, as well. There are cars that you hardly ever see, even in the top Concours shows here in the states. Here is a slide show of a few select cars form the show last year:…


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